Know the Causes of Insomnia and learn to avoid it

When talking about the causes of insomnia, we must first consider the
individual temperament. Vagotónicos are people who fall asleep more
easily than the sympathetonics. Being a member of one type or another has
influence on the predisposition to insomnia.

The fear of not sleeping, on of the most important causes of insomnia

The apprehension and fear of not sleeping already seen is another cause
frequent insomnia and quite given to reproduce in a vicious circle.
In the pages intended to explain why we fell asleep it became clear that a
of the most important reasons was the decrease of environmental stimuli
that reached the brain centers. We also saw how the person who
Sleep is not unconscious but remains in a state of diminished alertness
with an environmental model that allows you to set aside what is recognized as
familiar or not dangerous. Outside of that model is the annoying, or what is it
same any stimulus rare or strong enough to be
If we want to sleep we have to flee from all those external conditions that
be negative to isolate our mind from its exterior. Those
conditions, if they are very accused, or the person is predisposed
to not sleep, can cause insomnia. These are the so-called exogenous causes and
They are also the most avoidable.

The environment that surrounds you and insomnia

There are those who get to sleep anywhere without caring about the conditions
in what they do or the world around them. Others, on the other hand, can not stand the noise
of a mosquito because they insist on cursing the little animal that buzzes by
around it. The latter are the classic protagonists of the cat scene
Meowing on the roof and them in the window pointing at him with a sneaker.
The modern cities and even more today’s constructions, are all the less
adequate to get rid of one of the most annoying factors causing the
insomnia: the noises. Who else, who less, has ever been a neighbor

Moody and insomniac or reveler from the next room. Living all
together in houses separated by smoking papers is already a sufficient reason for
that, on more than one occasion, we spend a sleepless night because of the
discs or the child next door.

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