Nutrition, the renewed bet to lead a healthier life

It says the dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language (RAE), that nutrition is the “action and effect of nurture”, which is nothing other than to “increase the substance of the animal or vegetable body by means of food, repairing the parts that are being lost under the A Instructions catabolic “.

But, regardless of what the rule says, nutrition is something that goes far beyond that and more and more talk. Research has also increased in this field, which for years has even a specific university degree, which forms dietitians nutritionists.

But nutrition is present in many other fields and is, therefore, a permanent source of information for Spanish that, starting this Thursday, will increase the presence of specific news about this area on its website, dedicating a permanent space in Cover to be updated daily.

In addition to the latest nutrition information, the new space will gather informative information, which helps to understand concepts that, however much we manage naturally, are sometimes not known in depth. Terms like calories, carbohydrates, fats or sugar sound much simpler than they really are.

We will also have the opinions of the most prominent experts in this field and, from the new subsection, also help to end the pseudoscience and the myths surrounding the science of nutrition.

Knowing better the foods we eat the most, as well as the more and less healthy, will be another of our obsessions and, of course, we won’t leave aside the news related to something that worries readers and almost any: how to maintain a healthy weight.

In short, the readers will count from this Thursday with a dynamic space in which they can solve doubts and be up to date of the last in the field of the nutrition, without doubt one of the most important for our daily wellbeing.