Diabetes complications

Complications of diabetes are not common, but they should be taken very
Account. To do this, we list the most typical causes that can complicate the

Insulinica Allegy, one of the worst complications of Diabetes

There are two types of allergic reaction to insulin. One of them, which rarely happens,
It produces reactions of general character, type urticaria or angioneurotic edema.
Local allergy at the injection site is more frequent, especially in
Patients who initiate insulin application. It is characterized by a feeling
of itching or “burning”, appearing moments later a erythematous papule
That persists for several hours. Usually this allergy disappears after
Short time.

It is more common with insulins added with proteins and less with slow insulins or with regular insulin

When local insulin allergy is not more serious with-it comes to change to
Slow insulin. Pain recommends boiling for 20 minutes. In our experience you get
Improvement by adding an injectable antihistamine to insulin in the same syringe.
It is sometimes necessary to administer glucocorticoids.
If the allergy is manifested with serious characters it should be replaced by insulin
Pig recrystallized up to 10 times, which does not exist in the trade but that can
Ask Danish and American labs for these emergencies.
There is a rapid desensitization method that consists of administering 1/1,000
of insulin unit and double the dose every fifteen or thirty minutes.

Lipoatrophy or lipodystrophy insulin in the diabetes, another serious complicated

Insulin lipodystrophy occurs in most cases in women
Diabetics at the time of adolescence or youth. Manifested in the form of
Disappearance of subcutaneous cell tissue on variable diameter surfaces in
The place of application of insulin, and in areas not very extensive, although in

Opportunities, by adding several areas, there are depressions that encompass
A large part of the thigh or arm. Its consequence is of aesthetic order, but
It can cause important psychological trauma. No inflammatory reaction
Concomitantly. Slowly the cellular tissue is reconstituted and the Depression
Disappears. Sometimes a lipohipertrofia insulin.
It is very difficult to explain the pathogenesis of this complication. Occurs with different types
of Insulins. Apparently it’s related to an allergic type phenomenon.
The therapeutic is to vary the place of the injection to the maximum, trying to
Put it in areas not exposed to reduce the aesthetic problem. As
It seems to be less frequent when insulin is applied in the most
of subcutaneous cellular tissue.

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