5 types of food that should not be eaten at night

Dinner at one of the main meals in our routine, for this is not
Convenient to ingest things that are not healthy for the organism, this food
It should be the lightest we consummate during the day, because being in
Rest at night the body performs stomach processes and from this the
Organism gets nutrients and vitamins that can greatly influence the
Quality of sleep we have, as it also influences physical energy and
Mental the next day.

The problem is that many times we don’t know how to choose food options that
Are appropriate for this time of day and as a result
We get stomach upset or other symptoms that are harmful to
A good digestion, if you want this not to happen to you, the most suitable for you
is to know what those foods are not the best option to make a

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1) Pasta

Nor should we remove the pasta in our food plans, but if
It is necessary to regulate its consumption especially during the night, since ingesting this
Late-night food can produce a heaviness in the stomach
That prevents sleeping well, thanks to its same source of carbohydrates that
They provide many calories, thus affecting weight gain and
Metabolism is not working properly.

2) Eating ice cream at night is not healthy either

When we eat ice cream at dinner either to reassure those cravings
That often hit us hard or because of that anxiety to eat something, not
It turns out to be the best choice, as it is the most delicious or satiated
We have to ingest, this food contains many saturated fats, sugars
and substances, which are notoriously detrimental to their diet that they try to meet to lower
of weight and sleep.

3) Consuming cheese

By consuming cheese, though not entirely detrimental to the correct
Operation of our organism, it must be avoided as much as possible in the
Dinner because it causes problems when trying to sleep or stomach heaviness, because

They contain an amino acid that is called the tyramine that harms
Hormones that regulate our sleep.

Resultado de imagen para imagenes de alimentos que no se pueden consumir de noche

4) condiments that are highly hot

We know that hot condiments like spices or sauces produce that
Special flavor that can give food, it is not bad to ingest them in a
Regular, but it’s always best to add it to other foods other than in
Supper or high hours of the night, as this delightful condiment which so much
Like in the world, produces a kind of irritation in the mucosa of the stomach and
A heavy digestion, so be cautious when using it and do not
Before you go to sleep at night.

5) cauliflower can produce gases

It is a food that is defined as healthy and low in calories, but despite
Have these healthy features, the fact of consuming it at night
Thanks to some of its properties contained in its structure you can
Increase the percentage of gas production that are unpleasant at the time
Of trying to sleep because it prevents an effective digestion process.

Resultado de imagen para imagenes de alimentos que no se pueden consumir de noche

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