6 tips to take care of your skin without complications

The skin is not only like a shield for everything inside of us, but
Which is also part of our physical traits that most talk about us
(Who we are, what we do, among others…), that’s why here
We will see recommendations on how to care for it.

Take care of the sun

For some, going out for a walk to the beach and sunbathing can be something really
Great, but the thing is, this isn’t always good. Expose a lot the skin to the sun
It can cause many things, starting at the very least as spots on the
Skin and ending up increasing the risk of skin cancer. How to confront them?
It’s easier than it looks, just use some sunscreen from
Good quality, specifically one broad-spectrum and with an SPF of at least
15 or 20.

Avoid smoking

Smoking not only damages the lungs, but also the skin, drying it, making it
Older creating wrinkles, eliminating the oxygen and nutrients found
In it, it reduces the blood vessels in the outermost layers of the skin,
Causing the blood flow to decrease in this one while making it more
Pale. It damages collagen and elastin (fibers that give properties like
Elasticity and strength to the skin). That, not to mention the fact that the expressions
Easy to do when smoking, they help to generate wrinkles.

Treat your skin delicately

This is also important, because sometimes, what one less thinks can
Slowly mistreating the skin. In things we do on a daily basis like shaving and
Dry. When we do these things, for example, lubricate the skin a little before
And after shaving and, in addition, it gently passes the razor. When you dry,
Do it gently and use a soft towel, also try to
Let there be a little moisture trapped in the skin. Don’t forget to hydrate your
Skin frequently.

Don’t shower so much with hot water

Bathing with hot water can be really relaxing, it can relieve stress and
Give us many different sensations in the body. However, taking showers
With very hot water or for a long time, it contributes to the skin losing
The small amount of oil it possesses, which acts as a natural barrier and not only
That, but it also makes (as a result) dries up more easily. Yes
You still want to give yourself a hot shower, the water must be between 35 and 38 °c (more
or less 95 and 100 °f), but remembering not lend for long.

Eat healthily

A good diet, full of abundant fruits, vegetables, whole grains and
Lean proteins, contributes to good skin health. For those who have
Acne, you really don’t have confirmation on this, but it is believed to decrease
Foods containing processed or refined carbohydrates and fats are not
Healthier and increase eating foods rich in fish oil, could
Help to have a younger skin. Also, always remember to drink water
Often to keep the skin hydrated.

Avoid having a lot of stress

Stress can cause acne, make your skin more sensitive and other types of
Problems. To avoid this type of problem, it is recommended to control the stress
Doing very simple things like sleeping properly, sets limits for
The things you do (being reasonable of course), reduce your list of tasks
So that you day by day become more flexible or adjust to make it that way.
It may not look like it, but it really can help a lot, after
Everything, your skin talks a lot about you and what you do.

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