All you need to know about the Scarlet fever

Causes of scarlet fever

It is a disease that predominates in childhood, due to a filterable virus;
Although, apparently, he is involved as a contributor in his determination a
Hemolytic Streptococcus.

And as a third cooperator factor there is the fact of a predisposed terrain
Special impact on individuals whose reactional characteristics favor the
Development of the condition.

How is scarlet fever contagious?

In addition to the sick also transmit the disease healthy people
That carry the virus, and the convalescents. The transmission can be carried out
Directly by coughing, or indirectly through various objects, toys or
Dresses. The usual door that allows the introduction is the mucosa of the

What are the symptoms of scarlet fever?

After a short incubation period of about six days, the phase begins
Of rapid invasion, abruptly. High fever. Chills. and especially
Throat disorders: pain when swallowing, red wine from the veil of the palate.
Red and large tonsils.

Of all, the most characteristic of scarlet fever is the eruption that begins in the
Second day for the trunk, the neck and the face. It is very typical the pallor of the area
Next to the mouth and nose that stands out over the reddened background of the rest of the
Face. These are eruptions of small reddish manchi, very
Together, the size of a pinhead.

Another important symptom is that the tongue is red with a few dots
Red and augmented size: Aframbuesada language, of great value for the
Diagnosis. When you look at your throat you can see that the tonsils are covered
of a layer of whitish secretions: appearance rather similar to that of the

At the end of the second week begins the desquamation period, which is the
Renovation and detachment of the dry epidermis in the form of flakes, in the
Areas where there was a rash. First it starts on the face and neck,
Remains in the trunk, and finally, in the extremities, where they form some
Large scales gradually falling, once the eruption has

Complications of scarlet fever

Scarlet fever often causes inflammation of the middle ear: “otitis
Average, “which is often difficult to solve. But the most fearsome complication of the
Scarlet fever is an external inflammation of both kidneys: “Nephritis”, which is
Presented in five out of a hundred escarlatinosos. Usually healed two months if
proper treatment is used; But abandoned herself if she passes
Unnoticed, then you can leave lingering relics. It is advisable to “watch a lot
This aspect, practicing frequent urine tests.

Treatment of scarlet fever

First of all, it will be necessary to isolate the patient to avoid, above all, the contagion to
Other children. The insulation should be extended for fifteen days after the
Objective healing.

Drug treatment will be supported by penicillin and tetracycline, along with
Symptomatic therapy. It is also possible to use the different
Commercial preparations of Antiescarlatinoso serum or blood transfusions of
Convalescents from scarlet fever.

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