Benefits of chili for slimming and fat burning

This dressing is characterized by being one of those that spices our meals,
That’s thanks to their culinary properties, but besides that you can take
As a choice in the loss of your weight, as it also possesses characteristics
Slimming, which avoid the excessive accumulation of fat in the body, in this
Article you will discover the most important benefits that this fruit brings to us
Our diet.

What are the benefits that chili can bring us?

1.Combats the concentration of fat in the organism

Among the properties of the chili that benefit us, this is one of the most
Important to lose weight, because thanks to a mechanism that has the
Activating helps to eliminate immature fat cells.

2. Decreases anxiety about eating

Thanks to a component called capsaicin containing chili in its
Properties, by ingesting this fruit our organism tends to decrease and stabilize
Those cravings for eating that sometimes we can’t control and makes us eat things
Or more of the account that will bring us consequences in the overweight.

3. Improve your metabolism

By seasoning our meals with chili, without exceeding, we contribute to the
Loss of calories and weight, since this fruit has as properties
Slimming, to improve your metabolism by up to 25%. When sweating when
We consume hot food, it provokes a process in the organism that
Contributes to burning calories notoriously.

4. Fight obesity

Chili is one of the best choices we can choose when it comes to
Start with a diet, if we want to fight obesity, we can start
Consuming this fruit repeatedly, eye as long as this
Accompanied by a good diet in general and a daily routine of
Exercises that make us sweat. At Chung Hsing National University, in
Taiwan, it was found that capsaicin promotes the elimination of fat and
It also prevents the reproduction of immature fatty cells.

5. Contains thermogenic properties

The component called capsaicin, which is found in the properties of the
Chili can be used as thermogenic for slimming, so for this reason not

It is rare to see how there are commercial products that contribute to
Fat removal and have in their properties the capsaicin of the chili, if you want
Get the most out of this, then we will tell you how you can
Make a chili-based cold gel.

Chili-based cold gel recipe for toning the abdomen

This is one of the best options we can apply if we want to
Benefit to the maximum of the slimming properties of chili, because when applying
This gel in your abdomen always and let it rest in a time of 2 or 3 hours, eye
To see the positive results of this recipe you should do it before you make your
Exercise routine so that with the gel and sweating that makes us
Exercises let’s see better results than expected in our abdomen.

Recipe Ingredients

-250 ml of water, equivalent to 1 large cup.
-45 g of flax seeds (3 tablespoons).
-250 ml of apple cider vinegar (1 cup).
-16 G cayenne pepper (1 tablespoon).
-60 g of seaweed (4 tablespoons).
-1 chili pepper.
-30 g of cinnamon powder (2 tablespoons).
-Husks of a dry grapefruit powder or in small pieces.
-Shells of a dried orange in small pieces or powder.

Method of Preparation

-To start making this gel, the first thing to do is
Add the orange and grapefruit shells in conjunction with the algae and the
Chili pepper That’s well cut into pieces.
-then add the apple vinegar, cayenne pepper and water.
-then proceed to place the pot with all the ingredients
Mixed, in a low flame until it has its boiling point.
-Turn off the flame when you see the mixture boiling for a period of 5 or 6 minutes,
Then wait for a little cool to strain the mixture.
-Add cinnamon and flax seeds, to put about 40 or 45
Minutes over simmer.
-Past the time you will be in the fire remove the mixture and strain
Again, once this is done we’ll keep it in a container with its lid
To put it in the fridge.

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