Benefits of including tea to your diet

Tea is an ideal complement to include in a diet as this beverage is
Rich in diuretic and depurative properties that are of great help to lose
Those kilos you can’t stand in your body anymore.

There are a wide variety of purifying teas that contain antioxidants that
They eliminate the toxins lodged in our organism and this makes the results
For your diet are effective for this in this article will indicate a recipe for
Prepare one of those teas that you can use to lose weight.

Excellent cinnamon tea with pineapple

Cinnamon and pineapple are ingredients that we mix in this recipe as a
Within our organism, together they promote in the most
Possible the disappearance of wastes to obtain more easily results
Positive for our weight loss. This rich tea helps to improve your
Metabolism and the lymphatic system, thus increasing the caloric expenditure,
Due to its high nutrient content that is very important for the

Benefits and properties of cinnamon

This natural component, has been used in the field of medicine as it has
Result of great help to perform various types of curative remedies due to
Its high percentage of inflammatory properties and antioxidants, also results
Very advantageous for our body against free radicals because
It also contains essential oils, mucilage and tannins.

Pineapple Benefits for our organism

The pineapple is the ingredient that gives that different and exquisite touch to this tea,
Thanks to its sweet taste and its natural properties that are also
Beneficial to our health, however, besides being a great source of
Vitamins such as A and C, has an enzyme that is known as bromelain that
It has as a benefit for our organism weight loss and detoxification
of the blood.

How to carry out the preparation of this tea?

For you to carry out the preparation of this tea, you must take very in
account that you have to consume it as part of your diet plan so you can
Promote positive results for your body in a short time.

Ingredients of this recipe

-50 g of honey equivalent to 2 tablespoons.
– 5 g green tea (1 tablespoon).
– 1 pineapple slice.
– 250 ml of water (1 cup of water).
– 2g Cinnamon powder (½ tablespoon).

Preparation of this tea

  1. In a pot add the cup of water and let it boil.
  2. When you add the cinnamon powder, slightly lower the fire to
    Then add him green tea.
  3. For about 3 to 4 minutes, leave to simmer.
  4. Chop pineapple into small pieces and reserve.
  5. With a sieve to be ready the drink will be added pineapple.
  6. When the pineapple has been strained, it must be left in total rest for about 10 or 15
    Minutes and then serve you this warm delicious and healthy tea.

Method of consuming at home

-Consume this Témáximo 2 or 3 times a day.
– This tea should be taken in fasting or feeling some kind of anxiety of

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