Discover what type of diet is ideal for your body

It is true that food habits can influence these cases as one
Of the most important factors, in the form of body that we may have, although
We could have a greater difficulty in some cases to lose weight can be
Also by inheritance.

It is said that it is scientifically proven that there are three types of bodies that
are: Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endoformo and that this at present they take it very
Nutritionists, physicians and coaches in monitoring the
Feeding a person to prescribe the right diet, so here you
help you see what kind of body is yours so you can get
In practice the diet that best suits your needs.

3 Body Types

1) Mesomorph Body

Women with this kind of body, doesn’t mean they’re obese or something for
The style, it’s just that the problem is that the fat is concentrated only in the
Part of the waist, so for these women the weight gain is very
Uncomfortable as they come out something called as Michelins in the area of the
abdomen and not only that if you have bad diet habits, the belly will swell
With a greater ease, so the diet that may be right for these
Women is:

– Fats: From 25% to 30%.
– Proteins: From 30% to 35%.
– Carbohydrates: From 35% to 40%.

Suitable foods

If you are a part of this group of people with this body, include in your
Diet These foods:

-Eat whole grains and legumes.
– Lean Meats.
– Eat low-fat dairy.
– Vegetables and fruits.

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