Is the time important for eating food?

If you’re one of those people you think you don’t eat at the right time
It has no consequence for your health or body, for you are mistaken, as it
As well as eating healthy foods that are highly natural also
A schedule must be followed to consume them.

For each meal there is a certain time is breakfast, lunch,
Snack and dinner, this is because but we eat at the appropriate time
We could suffer from indigestion, and that sort of thing wouldn’t help us at all
To maintain a healthy diet, to serve us either in weight loss or in
Any other aspect of us, so we will say in this article the Hours
Suitable for every meal.

Recommended hours to eat our meals

1) Time to eat breakfast

The estimated time in which it is established that people should have breakfast
It is between 7 or 8 am, and hence should not extend more, and what is
Would have to have to ingest at that time can be fruits, cereals,
Foods that are light but very energetic, in some cases there are
People who get up at this hour before indicated with the sleeping appetite,
But that’s not the excuse to extend the breakfast schedule, in that case what
We can do is take a shower to wake up as much as possible or
But drinking a glass of water is also highly recommended.

2) Lunch time

There’s nothing wrong with that already after we’ve had breakfast and we
Let’s meet our responsibilities, eat something between the
10:00 and 11:00 am can be a delicious yogurt or some dietary cereal with
Skim milk, this is done just to control a little anxiety of
Be hungry before lunch as such, which is recommended to
13:00 pm Max 15:00 pm During this meal it is advisable to have something like
Dessert to help us with the digestion of food, it may be an infusion already
That these help in a great way to digest what we consume and fall
Excellently in the stomach.

3) suitable time for snacking

The snack is very important to eat during the day, because with it we can
Wait till dinner in better shape without having to pinch anything else
That is often not the healthiest thing for our food plan, the time
Suitable for ingesting this food is between 16:00 and 17:00 pm, now if
Lunch at 15:00 because Comámosla at 18:00, for snack we can
Eat a yogurt, for example.

4) Dinner Time

For dinner the schedule is between 19:00 and 21:00 pm, this
It is so, because if we exceed this time not sleep well for suffering from
Gases because we should give a margin of time to our stomach so that
Make the digestion correctly, that is why it is emphasized to dine as much as
Soon as possible between the hours said before, in this meal what should be
Consuming is something light like, for example, a chicken breast, a little bit of
Vegetables, fish, among many others.

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