Stomach drooping or gastric ptosis

The word ptosis means fall. Gastric ptosis means descent or “fall”
From the bottom of the stomach to lower limits than normals in the human body.

Causes of the fallen stomach

Above all, it is necessary to consider a predisposing factor of great importance, which
It is the constitutional: these are elongated, slender individuals who possess
A long stomach (dolicogastria). Those individuals, if they suffer a rapid loss
of weight, or a surgical intervention (in your abdomen, by removal of cysts,
Fibroids, herniations), or either there is physical exhaustion, or in the
Cases of women who have repeated pregnancies, end up seeing their
Constitutional state in a true disease: gastric ptosis. The cause
It is essential to lose the tone of the muscle fibers of the stomach.

Clinical picture of the fallen stomach

Of course the clinical changes and alterations that may result in the
Reference condition are innumerable and varied.

Many depend not properly on the fall of the stomach, but on the difficulty
That this breeds in gastric digestion; heaviness after meal;
Belching. Sometimes prone to nausea and vomiting; and painful crises of the
Liver, debts to the layering of the duct cysticed by the fallen stomach

The constitutional type of such individuals is objectively appreciated, which is
Elongated, but highlights the great flaccidity of the belly wall, with
Bulging of his inner part and depression of his high side, where he
He appreciates the heartbeat of the aorta in a very conspicuous way.

There are alterations dependent on the distension of the next nervous plexus
to the heart. This can cause: pains in the waist and belly,-palpitations,
Insomnia, dizziness, fainting tendency, etcetera.

Treatment of the fallen stomach

-In addition to the medications the physician recommends to tone
Abdominal muscles and muscle fibers of the stomach (arsenic,
Strychnine, vitamin D,), and medications that tend to favor or

Help digestion, we will especially refer to the measures

-In the acute phases it will be necessary: bed rest, especially
After meals and on the right side, to favor the emptying
of the stomach. Abdominal gymnastics, soft, is effective. The massage of the
Belly, it may be beneficial.

-The use of abdominal girdles requires caution to check your
Effectiveness to keep the stomach in proper position under the
Radiological screen. It should be emphasized that an inadequate corset
It can lead to atrophy of the musculature.

-Food, based on frequent and little “bulky” meals.

-Liquids, in small quantities, will be ingested in half an hour before, and
Two hours later, from the meals. Liquids delay the time of
Emptying the stomach will prevent the fried, and the fibrous parts of the
Fruits and vegetables.

-Updated article with the latest information concerning this disease.
In any case if we produce novelties we will add them with brevity.

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