Tuberculosis disease Kidney

This kidney disease is always secondary. That is to say that it is a
Individual who has previously suffered a tuberculous process anywhere
of the organism, from which, germs are eliminated by blood
They reach the kidney, giving rise to renal tuberculosis. It is therefore
A germ-removing disease.

Kidney tuberculosis Injuries

-In the early stages or first period the disease usually affects a
Only kidney, where, in any part of its structure, sprouts a
Small focus of inflammation and caseificación (substance compared by its
Cheese consistency).

-In a second period the process of destroying the kidney tissue is
Spreads, perforándose in the renal pelvis, in which case tuberculosis is
Transforms from closed to open, appearing, along with the subjects of
Kidney destruction, lobacilos in the urine. As a result, the process
Caseificación produces caverns in the core substance of the

-In a third period the kidney becomes a sack of walls
Thin full of caseous matter.

-In a fourth period, lower urinary tracts may be affected in
Special bladder, and also although belatedly (years later) there is the
Danger of affecting the kidney on the other side by ascending way.

Diagnosis of tuberculosis of the kidney

Initially the patient usually has some discomfort when urinating, light
Temperature rise and impact on the general state with the symptoms
of Tuberculous impregnation that we already know.

Sometimes call attention some disorders at level! Kidney, as small
Discomfort, puncture, sometimes some acute pain such as colic nephritic.

Urine always shows presence of white pus globules (leukocytes) and
It is also frequent the elimination of blood although in small
Quantity (hematuria). A very characteristic trait of renal tuberculous urine
It’s the absence of germs. The bacillus is not usually shown easily
Tuberculosis but neither are other germs and this fact is very
Significant especially if a purulent urine coexists. To put in
Evidence of the existence of tuberculous bacillus, the best procedure is inoculated
Part of the sediment of the urine, to a guinea pig, whereupon this little animal
You’ll get sick with the characteristic clinical features of tuberculous. The examination
Of the kidney, using contrasting substances, you’ll notice
Alterations and destructions quite characteristic.

Treatment of tuberculosis of the kidney

No doubt today you see many fewer cases of renal tuberculosis since
The initial forms of this disease are effectively combated with the
Modern drugs.

In the case of onset of renal tuberculosis, treatment may be initiated
With these drugs, but if positive results are not observed and
The progressive destruction of the organ, it will be necessary to resort to the eradication
Surgery of the sick kidney, if by a functional examination, well done, it is
Check that the other kidney is completely healthy.

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