What diabetes surgery is about

In surgery for diabetes, the double kidney and pancreas transplant is the
Therapeutic solution with better results to control hyperglycemia
Increased presence of blood sugar in diabetic patients with
Terminal renal insufficiency (IRT), and the one that provides the best quality of life. To
This conclusion has arrived a team of the hospital Clínic of Barcelona after a
Research work of eleven years, which has allowed them to achieve a better
Spectacular in the survival curve of these patients and the graft.

Latest advances in surgery for diabetes.

In order to demonstrate this, the team has presented the results of a study carried out
Over 22 patients, six years after transplantation, which analyses the state of
Health of various diabetic patients with IRT who had been applied
Various therapeutic modalities: dialysis treatment, kidney transplant or
Kidney and pancreas. According to the results, the carriers of a transplant
Were the ones who got greater benefits, both because of their perception of
Health as by stabilizing some of the systemic complications
associated with diabetes.

Survival to surgery for diabetes

Currently, the survival of the transplant patients of the pancreas, three
Years later, it is 85%, compared to 52% in the mid-decade of the
Eighty. And the graft is 75%, compared to 28%. This change in the curve of
Survival is due to several factors: an adequate selection of patients,
Improvements in surgical technique, the use of more potent immunosuppression and
The application of new methods to diagnose rejection and control how
The graft works. In addition, both by the number of transplants carried out as
For the results obtained, it is considered that the pancreas transplant is a
Technique already consolidated and comparable to that of other solid organs, like the kidney.

To the future, the goal is to extend its application to patients who are
At an early stage of the disease, with the idea that the normalization of the
Glucose avoid the development of injuries. The problem is that therapy
Immunosuppressant to avoid rejection is potentially toxic and has risks.

Development of new techniques

For this reason we are working on the development of new techniques, such as
Immunomodulation of pancreatic islets, which is to manipulate in vitro the
Insulin-producing cells before being transplanted to reduce the
Antigenic response and make the patient not present a reaction of
Rejection. These techniques open a therapeutic path that could be the solution
To dispense with immunosuppressive treatment. However, “they are still in
Diapers. ” In addition, and for now, the effectiveness of islet transplantation
Long-term pancreatic is still low, as in most of the
Transplanted patients the Insulinodependencia only manages to maintain a
Weeks, “so it is necessary to continue working and improve these techniques,
To achieve better results. “

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