What is dyspepsia ?, Causes and Treatment

Dyspepsia concept

The word dyspepsia means general digestive disorders due to a
Modification of the chemical processes of digestion or alterations of the flora
Intestinal, without necessarily anatomical alterations. However
Almost always, the dyspepsias are accompanied by inflammatory alterations, either
In the stomach (with increased or decreased acidity), small intestine
(enteritis), or colon (colitis), ultimately causing chronic gastroenteritis.

Concept of dyspepsia by fermentation

This modality is extraordinarily frequent. Occurs when an excess of
Of foods rich in carbohydrates (starches and sugars), instead of being
Absorbed in the upper parts of the digestive system, they descend to the sections
Inferiors reaching the blind, where they suffer decay by microbes,
Which originates pathological fermentation of carbohydrates.


The disease may be caused by the increased intake of hydrates
Carbon: fruits, starches; As a result of an increase in the speed of
Intestinal contractions. or by foods rich in products not
Absorbable (cellulose); As happens when, in food, the

Clinical picture

The ailment evolves in some cases in an acute way, especially in
Summer, after ingestion of raw fruit. Begins with: Annoyances in the
Stomach, vomiting, pain and noise in the belly, great flatulen. Your
Main symptom: diarrhea, with one-color liquid stool evacuation
Light yellow, of pungent odour by the presence of butyric and acetic acids which
They can be demonstrated because litmus’s role indicates his presence. The
Patients often feel very sick: with insomnia, irritability, pain
Head, loss of strength, palpitations, sweat-ration of the hands, etcetera.

The diagnosis will be confirmed by the analysis of the feces

With the proper treatment, dyspepsia tends to decline in a few days, although
Often there is a propensity, sometimes persistent, to relapse, especially
When food abuses are committed. In this situation, the pains and annoyances
They persist sometimes a long time, originating the chronic forms.

Treatment of Dyspepsias.

Treatment of laEl treatment in acute forms is similar to that of colitis,-and in the forms
Chronicles food should be poor in carbohydrates, trying to
Neutralize the acidity with calcium carbonate and tribasic lime phosphate (a
Teaspoon, four times a day). As antibacterial drugs are
They will use the sulfonamides of the type of the Sulfoguanidinas. As for the
Antibiotics, streptomycin and chloromycetin, by mouth, are effective dyspepsias.

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