Whole yogurt or low fat?

Throughout this modern time, there has been a doubt for the people who
They want to include this food in their food plan, and that is that it is not
Sure to choose between the 100% natural yogurt that is called
As Integer and the commercial that says among its properties to be low in fat.

Which is better for our benefit?

Well if you want to end this intrigue once and for all and know what is the
That you will include in your diet, we have the answer in the next indications.

Why should it be a good choice the whole yogurt in my

This natural food, is known for its artisanal elaboration, which carries no
Type of preservatives, colorants or other flavors, generally this food
It is characterized by keeping intact its natural fats, therefore, this yogurt
Whole benefits our intestinal flora thanks to their bacteria that remain in their
Fermentation process called prebiotics.

3 Rumors of this yogurt you should know

1.The whole yogurt contains a lot more fat the low fat

In theory this is true, because, in making this whole yogurt, we are using
For the displeasure the same milk of the cow, which obviously has less
Caloric contribution that the other yogurt but why is it just a rumor?, it’s just
A rumor that is not entirely true, because the fat that remains intact in
This food is not bad, as long as it is milk based
Cow, so therefore this does not bring any detrimental aspect to your
Organism or for your weight gain as commonly rumored.

2.You need to sweeten the whole yogurt with sugar

It is true that when you extract the fat from the whole yogurt, you lose notoriously flavor
and consistency, but if you think the solution is to add artificial sugar or
Any other sweetener that is not natural, because you are in a wrong situation
Since drinking to different studies, these types of sweeteners contribute to the

Weight gain and even worse to have to suffer from diabetes, so I that you to the
Time to buy my next yogurt I choose the whole and if I don’t want to eat so
Bitter, the best choice is to accompany it with fresh fruits, these will
It brings a natural sweet.

3.You can eat more yogurt if it’s light

This rumor is completely false, because if you abuse the Times that
You consume natural yogurt during the day, you are supporting your system
The digestive failure with other kinds of harmful consequences for your health, so
More advisable is to consume only one cup daily, only with that you will be
Taking advantage of the benefits that this food brings you.

After the above mentioned:

Do you still think that low-fat yogurt is the best thing for you?

The healthiest thing is not to consume this commercial yogurt, since it has no major
Benefits for our weight loss and health, in this type of yogurt if there is
Fat that is harmful because it contains ingredients that are artificial, in short
Always choose the natural.

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